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Begin by dropping off the roof's slope next to the ladder, to collect the Kukri with x5 below. You can enter the chapel through the window, then climb back up the ladder. Go through the bell tower to locate that the Golden Rune [2] on the roof. You can then climb to Elden Ring Runes the stairs nearby.

In this area, you'll encounter extremely dangerous stormhawks. They will throw dangerous barrels at you, sparking other explosives around the region. The best way to approach them is slowly in order to catch their barrel toss so that you can take on them without worrying about getting shot. Always be prepared to wait for their unpredictable swooping attacks prior to guards counter. Make a turn and head to the dead end behind the stairs . There's the Smithing Stone [2] (beware yet another stormhawk ambush) and then follow the route ahead through a final stormhawk before you reach The Rampart Tower Spot of Grace once more.

We are nearly done exploring this region, but we need to get that second elevator open before we can continue. Retrace your steps back to the rampart that has the barrel chucking stormhawks and discover the balcony that faces the ocean. Go over the edge and you'll see the platform below which you could drop to. From here you are able to drop again to a small slope along the wall of the castle that leads to Buy Elden Ring Items a crashed tower. There you will see an Marred Wooden Shield. Continue falling until you land on a rock ledge made by crumbling rocks. It will break and send you down into an area below.

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